Magnet Logistics Network

Active Freight Network

OceanX Network

Global Shipping & Logistic Network

Majestic Network

JC Trans Network

Pangea Network

United Logistics Network

Bling Logistics Network

Airfreight Logistics Network

WWPC Network

Xpert-Log Network

Twig Logistics Network

World Freight Network

Cargo World Network

HTFN Network

Freight Network Corporation

Marco Polo Line Group

Win Logistics


Air & Sea Association

Worldwide Cargo Network Assiciation

Specialist Freight Network

First Worldwide Network

Global Forwarding Partners

Federation of Malaysia Freight Forwareders

Minerva International Freight Forwarders Association

Planet Logistics Network

World Logistic Alliance

X2 Group


Independent Freight Forwarders Network

Neutral Air Partner

Icon Logistic network

Worldwide Logistics Network

East West Logistics network

International Forwarders Association

Cargo Login Network

Acla Network

5 Star Logistics network

Multinational Forwarders Allicance

GCA Family

Freight Deals International

Legend Logistics network

OPCA - Network of Project Agents

Certified Transportation Network

Logistic Leads

The Freight Club

World Freight Partnership

TMI srl Special Network

Worldwide Air & Ocean Alliance

Worldwide 3PL Network

Centennial Logistics Network

FM Freight Midpoint

AOG Freight

Millenium Logistics Network

PPL One Family Network

World Freight Group

Pharma Logistics Network

Worldwide Agents Network

World Business Logistics Network Switzerland

AFBN African Freight Bridge Networks

Globalink linking opportunity and succes

LC Logistic Cargo Network

F cube - Logistics Partnering

Universal Logistics Network

APAT Network Portugal

China Logistics Club

Africa Logistics Network

Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association

World Greater China Logistics Network

FFN Freight Forwarder Network

Global Key Family Network

Connect Logistics Network

Project Cargo Network

Universal Freight Organisation

Waco System

Selangor FF & L Association

Worldwide Partner Alliance

Freight Lounge forwarding network

PCA-Premier Cargo Alliance LTD


International Freight

Cross Trades Forwarders Network

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If you are a member of any of our Associated Networks listed we can offer you reduced fees for FDRS Services.

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